Sunday, October 5, 2008

HKU medicine (MBBS) - non-JUPAS admissions

The HKU Medical School used to accept 10 to 20 non-JUPAS applicants , but starting in 2008, it has expanded its quota to about 30. These applicants largely comprise of those who have an undergraduate/postgraduate degree from a local (HK) or overseas university, and those who have school-leaving qualifications (New Zealand Bursary, American SAT, etc.) from a local international secondary school (e.g. HKIS) or an overseas high school. Most, if not all, of these applicants are holders of HKID cards. However, there are exceptions from time to time. For example, in 2008, a Malaysian applicant has been accepted into the MBBS course.

The class composition is as follows:

  • 40 local students admitted via the Early Admissions Scheme (EAS) - i.e. these students have only completed Form 6 and go straight into university;
  • 40 local students admitted via the HK A-levels;
  • 40 non-JUPAS/international students
Just to illustrate what sort of students actually succeeded in gaining a place in the HKU medical course via the non-JUPAS scheme, let me share with you some brief academic profiles of current MBBS students:
These degree holders make up approximately 1/4 to 1/2 of the non-JUPAS population, with the remainder being school leavers from various international secondary schools. Thus, it seems that HKU does not give preference to university graduates at all.


  1. I'm a student from Rutgers University in New Jersey in the US. I will be graduating soon with a BS in biological science. I'm not sure about my chances in the US, should I look to HK?

  2. Do high school grads not get in? I mean Non-Jupas.

  3. um..seems things have changed for HKU..and more changes are coming indeed..

  4. Hi, i chanced upon your blog ad found it helpful for my med application to hk. I have a BS degree in molecular and cell biology from singapore, has research publications before and is working as a researcher. Results not say super stellar like from top university in the world, but is currently doing MCAT to make up for it. I am active in community service. I am not from Hongkong, but is able to understand cantonese. Just wondering how is my chances at HKU. CUHK has tolde that they do not accept internatoonal applicants.

  5. Hello,
    I know that the last post is some while ago. Nevertheless, I hope that you still might give me some advice. I am a student from Germany who fulfils the academic requirements for admission at HKU. However, HKU requires furthermore 'good working knowledge' for admission for medical studies. I am wondering in what extent this is required? I myself do speak Cantonese but to be honest not very well. I could, however, talk on a small talk level. I am currently working on my language ability, yet I am afraid that when it comes to technical terms my abilities are exceeded... Nonetheless, I am very eager to learn the language better.
    But as I am informed the language skills will be tested during the Interview. I would like to know what exactly is tested.


  6. I have set up a WhatsApp and facebook group for those who are still very determined to apply to medical schools through non-jupas. Personally I think this has been a very tough journey and I have been fighting alone for 2 years despite discouragement from family and friends. I reckon that it's a good idea to have a community for everyone to help each other out and support each other. Plus we can meet regularly to talk and brainstorm about applications and interview preparation etc.

    Please message (the link below) if you're interested to join.